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HR-BEN-034C COVID-19 Death Benefit Beneficiary (2020-2021) 

It is in the employee's (YOUR) best interest to financially protect your family in the tragic event that if you should succumb to the effects of Covid-19 (while you are employed) they are protected and will receive the death benefit... Concerning this form were talking about DEATH.

Protect your family! download, print the form have it notarized  and either email or fax the form to the MTA BSC, its easy and that simple!

The BSC's phone number is on the form, along with the email address and fax number...any questions call them. Don't hesitate, don't delay.


If you need assistance completing this form, contact the Business Service Center at (646) 376-0123  

***Complete instructions are located on the last sheet of the form download***